Monday, 14 March 2011

Ted Baker - What Makes The Perfect Gentleman?

Suits to boots


So, we’ve concluded from our Modern Gent national survey findings that style still holds a place in the hearts and minds of most women surveyed. But what about chivalry – is it dead, dormant or experiencing a different kind of revival? Read on to find out…

There is an argument that anyone can dress like a gentleman, but manners maketh the man, not just great tailoring. Whilst appearance definitely counts, there is more to being a true gent than just dressing the part – you have to act it too.

Our recent survey found that more than 35 per cent of women said men never ask them to dance anymore, and a neglected 37 per cent said that men no longer hold doors open for them. The holding doors conundrum is a tricky one – sometimes it can feel laboured and also a little bit tacky – but it’s a small gesture, and one that many women really appreciate. Gentlemen don’t have to make a point of doing it every time a woman walks into a room, but whenever possible, without it being a big deal, is enough.

Our study also revealed other gentlemanly traits have completely died off, such as walking on the outside of the pavement or always paying for dinner. However, 57 per cent believe men don’t bother opening and closing the car door for a lady anymore either. Okay, so walking on the outside of the pavement may be a little far-fetched, but the car door is a small courtesy that goes a long way. After all, there is no point investing in a perfect suit and stylish accessories, without taking care of the etiquette part. And therein lies the secret, gentlemen.

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