Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Final Website Design


Website design experimentation

Anatomy of a Page

Top right perforated corner so that the reader can make their own chapters and mark pages they wish to revisit.
Page numbers are down the right hand side of the right page.
No page number on the left page because it is unnecessary. 

Perforated business cards
Tracing paper for left side page shows through previous page to add to the design

Range Ideas

Possible products for the range...

magazine carry case
ideas bank
inspire poster
inspire book - how to be inspired


The finish of the paper inside the magazine will be gloss and matt. The cover will be matt with a black foiling for the type.


I will use a variety of stock for my magazine to give it a more luxurious and aesthetic feel.

I will be using


brown card

white card

Page Count

Below I looked at famous and respected magazines that my magazine would sit along side on the shelf to see how many pages they had. Looking at the amount of pages they have gives me an indication of the amount of content they contain.

Results -


add them together


and divide by 15 to get the mean amount of pages in a magazine...

141 pages.

With many of the magazines I looked at there was a vast array of advertisements, which I wouldn't include in my magazine so I will go for a round number of about 100 pages for my magazine.

iPod App Design

The app branding in simple black type with a white background. The below sketches show how you can progress through to registering, uploading and viewing designs. The only colour will be on the up loaded designs.

The idea of the app is to get people more aware and interested in the 'inspire' brand and also gives a chance for people to showcase their art and design for free on a global scale.

Register to be able to upload your own designs and be in with a chance to be featured in the next issue of the magazine and a 25% off voucher for your magazine.

Anyone can download the app and anyone can view everyone else's images, but you cannot upload images yourself if you haven't registered.

Viewers look at the design and at the end of each designers page there is a button that you can press if you have been 'inspired' the more the designer has inspired people the points they get. The 5 people who have been the most inspirational with their design will get their own spread to showcase their work in the next magazine issue.

Magazine First Draft

Final Boards/Designs

Crit 2

Crit 1

Logo Change

I have decided to change the 'inspire' logo from nouvelle to ballpark. I find Nouvelle could be quite harsh and dominating, whilst ballpark is more flowing, friendly and creative.

Kit Design and Packaging

The design of the packaging reflects that of the magazine cover. The packaging will be made from thick white card with a matt finish to again link with the magazine cover.

Packaging Design

Sketchbook, ruler, pencils, rubber, pencil sharpener.

Ruler and pencils with design on.

Final packaging design. Kit all slides into a hard shell snug fit packaging. Packaging has a flap to close and secure kit inside.


The sketchbook that will be included in the designers kit as part of the range will have different types of paper to help with different tasks. Plain, lined, tracing and isometric.

The design of the sketchbook fit in with the rest of the range and will be A4 in size.

Magazine Change of Mind

Instead of creating two magazines for art and design I will design 1 larger magazine containing both art and design.

I think this will work better because it can sometimes be hard to decipher art and design from one another, some can fall into both categories.

The magazine will sit alongside its range on the shelf and when bought will come in a hard case shopping bag to help the magazine keep in good condition.

Pencil Design

Chosen pencil design uses the logo typeface, but has different design words printed on the pencil for inspiration. The customer can choose a different pencil depending on what they will be using the pencil for. HB, 2B, 3B etc will be used.

Colour Scheme

Beiges and creams, contrasted with black and greys. I would like the keep the overall feel soft and neutral, but with the bold contrast of black for the type.