Wednesday, 1 June 2011

iPod App Design

The app branding in simple black type with a white background. The below sketches show how you can progress through to registering, uploading and viewing designs. The only colour will be on the up loaded designs.

The idea of the app is to get people more aware and interested in the 'inspire' brand and also gives a chance for people to showcase their art and design for free on a global scale.

Register to be able to upload your own designs and be in with a chance to be featured in the next issue of the magazine and a 25% off voucher for your magazine.

Anyone can download the app and anyone can view everyone else's images, but you cannot upload images yourself if you haven't registered.

Viewers look at the design and at the end of each designers page there is a button that you can press if you have been 'inspired' the more the designer has inspired people the points they get. The 5 people who have been the most inspirational with their design will get their own spread to showcase their work in the next magazine issue.

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