Tuesday, 23 November 2010

If This Were To Be Printed Professionally...

If this product range were to be made professionally I would use different print methods to those I have used myself.

The transparent heart I made using t-shirt transfer, however if it were to be produced professionally it would be done using UV spot varnish.

I also used t-shirt transfer for this label on the ribbon. Done professionally it would be screen printed.

For these sweets I used an edible ink pen for the writing. If produced professionally offset lithography would be used.

T-shirt transfer was used for these knickers. Screen print would be used if produced professionally. 

I have printed this list digitally and it would be done using the same method if produced professionally. 

End Of Module Self Evaluation


Final A2 Boards

Monday, 22 November 2010

Final Product Range

Home Made Printing Techniques

For the outer box I wanted to use spot varnish. However because of resources being booked I experimented with products I had at home to try and create the desired effect. I cut out a stencil of a heart from a thick piece of card to act as a template.

I then experimented with PVA, nail varnish and T-shirt transfer. The top heart is made using PVA and the bottom two hearts can just about be made out and are made using black and pink nail varnish.

These techniques weren't working very well. When the PVA glue dried it lost is shine and the glue was hard to spread evenly to create a smooth finish.

When the nail varnishes dried they just absorbed into the material and had no real glossy finish.

I then tried cutting out a heart shape from some left over T-Shirt transfer I had. I thought that the glossy finish that it gives could work on its own to give the desired effect.

The overall effect is good, but I need work with my technique to make sure the lines don't appear on the design. The lines are created because the transfer hasn't fully cooled.

Here is the final design. I think it has worked well.

To label the boxes, I chose not to print directly onto them, but instead print onto ribbon and wrap the ribbon around. This would help keep the boxes looking simple and would help me to explore another print process.

I did this by using T-shirt transfer again. Some worked well and some not so well. It is quite hard to tell when the transfer is ready and I have learnt that waiting until it has fully cooled works well for a smooth. shiny finish.

Ribbon design for the products.

Hate Hearts ribbon band.

Some attempts weren't so successful. For example, in this instance I forgot the reverse the image before printing and therefore when the transfer was printed it read back to front.

Some of the writing was hard to read because the weight wasn't high enough.
Some of the text would bend and twist as the ribbon shrank with the heat from the iron.

Here are my final bands for the products. I think they look really nice. The clear box around the lettering was unavoidable unless I cut out the letters individually, which would be near impossible. However, I think it looks nice with the boxes round, it adds a little 'je ne sais quoi'.

I Don't - Wedding Ring

For the wedding ring I wanted a simple and elegant design. In this all black presentation box the ring stand out and shines. The ring holder has been made by layering foam sheets on top of one another and then topping with a sheet of black, suede material. Using nice material gives the ring a higher class feel. A slit was made in the foam and material so that the ring could slot in.

The ring I chose is a very traditional style ring with a big diamond in the centre and smaller diamonds round the side. 

Love Is Pants

Here are my final designs for the underwear. I have changed the colour of the logo to black to make it less noticeable. I have also scaled the whole thing down, because I felt like the size of the previous attempt was too big and made the product look cheap and not stylish. 

The underwear is folded up so that the front logo shows when the box is opened.

Hate Hearts - Making Of

To start with I was thinking of making my own love heart sweets using moulds however I thought this would just be a waste of time. The effect I wanted to create could be made much more simply. By scratching off the existing writing on the love heart sweets with a scalpel and then writing on the desired message using an edible ink pen.

Due to issues with the post it was taking too long for my edible ink pen to arrive, so I made do with one I had bought from a cake making store. The nib was thinner and the lettering wasn't very neat or clear. Then by a strike of luck, my thin nibbed pen arrived. So I started over and the final result was much better. 

These are the final sweet designs.

For the packaging I definitely wanted each sweet to be individually wrapped. I decided on quite a traditional method with a twist. Twisted cellophane is used a lot on sweets, however my spin was to have the twist at one end and have the sweet tied with string. I live the finish product as I feel it looks well made and fits in with my design style. 

Product Ideas

What can I produce to repel men, but not repel everyone?...

What men wouldn't like a woman to be like... (stereotypically)

  • Hairy, armpits, leg, chest.
  • Questions - 99% percent of the time men have the wrong answer to questions, so what is the point asking them in the first place?
  • Taking forever to get ready
  • Shopping trips
  • Silent treatment
  • Good memory
  • Shy/ low self esteem
  • Insecure
  • Jealous

    Hate Heart Packaging Ideas

    I looked at making a tube for the sweets to be packaged in, however I thought this wasn't giving off the right feel. I wanted my product to look loved and cared for, not thrown together and tightly packed. 

    I like the idea of using cellophane to individually wrap the sweets.