Sunday, 7 November 2010

Singledom Logo

Brand Name -
Potential names -

  • Free and single 
  • Free as a bird 
  • Love singledom
  • Be single
  • One
  • Hate love
  • It's a love/hate thing
  • Kiss me better
  • Maneater
  • Celebrate singledom
for now

I like Hate Love, however as my range develops I may develop my brand name as well to enable it to tie in perfectly.

Brand Identity - Aimed at people aged 20-25 who are feeling it is time that they need to 'settle down' and letting them see the bigger picture and enlighten them on ways to enjoy the single life and why women don't need men.

Brand Purpose - To turn the normally negative association with being single into a positive; help people celebrate being single.

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