Sunday, 7 November 2010


Ok so I've decided to call my brand HATE LOVE.

Now to develop the logo designs I have already done for the 'hate hearts' sweets into a brand identity.

Here are some of me favourite designs I will use as a base to develop.

I want to incorporate the broken heart effect with the use of obscure shapes or lines into the final logo design. Using just the heart shape could confuse the purpose of the product. I will be using the font 'tall films' for the logo. The font I have used for the above designs is very thing however ti had a big font family  and therefore I can increase the stroke or density to increase readability.

For the colour scheme, I am not sure what I will chose at the moment, however I know I want to portray an elegant, minimal feeling.

For these designs I used neutral colours and tried out different sizes to help increase readability. Looking at colours, weights, scale, positioning all aided me to create the most visually appealing final logo design. 

Final Logo Design

I chose this design for my final logo because it looks minimalistic, yet it still has style. Using a muted, pastel pink makes the design feel more feminine, yet isn't too bold to bring the attention away from the text. Using a light, tall font I think makes the design look elegant without having to use a decorative font with swirls, which would decrease legibility. Sticking to black, white and pink helps on costing for ink and enables the brand to be associated with these colours throughout the product range.

The first thing your eyes are drawn to on this logo is the heart shape, then it is the word 'hate'; this automatically helps your brain to link these two together helping to clarify the subject more easily.

The lines symbolise breakage and pain. Having the lines and the word 'love' in white helps to link the two together as well.

Breakage + Love
Heart + Hate

As I am producing products to act as a range my colour choice could be adapted throughout for example:

The colours are all muted, pastels and fit in well with the elegant, minimal style I want to portray.

Because the colours work well together when they are put into a range, even though they are all different colours, they will still look like they belong together as a family because of their similarities.

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