Sunday, 14 November 2010

Step By Step Box Making

To gain the size of the box that would hold all my products first I needed to measure how big each box would need to be inside. There are four boxes, all cubes to fit inside the main box. I wanted all of the inner boxes to be the same size, so they would fit neatly inside. To gage the size of the inner boxes I needed to work out which product would take up the most room (the knickers). I them folded them as they would be presented to estimate the size of the box needed. In this case it was 7.5cm squared. I drew out and made the net.... which I then found out was 1cm too big. Because there are smaller products, such as the ring to package, I wanted the box to be as small as possible so the smaller products didn't look lost inside the box, but would also be of adequate size to fit the knickers in. 

6.5cm squared seemed to work well.

Then I worked out (very neatly as you can see) the measurements needed for the larger box.

To give room for the thickness of the card and material I added an extra cm.

The finish of the box I want to be sleek, simplistic and expensive looking. I chose to use a soft, satin material in black. Through market research, I have seen that black is a very elegant colour and works
well alongside most other colours.

The structure of the box needed to be very strong so I chose a very thick recycled card with a high gsm. The finish of the card was not relative as it would be coated with paper and then material. To create the basic structure I needed a thick paper. The easiest and cheapest way I could think of was to use wrapping paper. As the paper wouldn't be able to be seen the pattern was irrelevant. I used pritt stick to attach the paper to the card. This technique was similar to one I had been shown when making a book cover.

I then coated the card and paper templates with the black material. I used all purpose glue for this as it is both strong and dries relatively quick.

For the top of the box I added padding under the material to give it a more soft and finished feel. 

The box was then glued onto the surround to create a levered box.

I added magnets to the box for an easy fastening.

This is my first attempt at ever making a box. I am quite pleased with the result, however being a perfectionist makes me look at all the imperfections. 

There are glue marks visible, some of the material isn't as flat as I wold of hoped for and the magnets are visible spoiling the simplicity of the box.

However, this box, when made professionally, would be done using proper glue and cuts of the material would be better estimated. I will be using this box as my final design.

I then cut out shapes of what the contents inside would be so there was a 'peep hole' effect.

When putting the boxes inside the presentation box I felt that something just wasn't right. The effect of luxury I was going for wasn't coming over. Maybe the white and the black's harsh contrast was making the whole design not visually appealing or the style got lost somewhere along the way.

I decided to opt for black card instead. The box being black, it made sense to be that the inner boxes too should be black. So attempt 2 at making the smaller boxes.

Attempt 2 is a success... The black looks a lot better. A lot more sleek and elegant. With some added detail like ribbon or print it will look more feminine.

I also added curved edges to the box so that the flaps could fit easily inside the box to close.

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