Monday, 22 November 2010

Hate Hearts - Making Of

To start with I was thinking of making my own love heart sweets using moulds however I thought this would just be a waste of time. The effect I wanted to create could be made much more simply. By scratching off the existing writing on the love heart sweets with a scalpel and then writing on the desired message using an edible ink pen.

Due to issues with the post it was taking too long for my edible ink pen to arrive, so I made do with one I had bought from a cake making store. The nib was thinner and the lettering wasn't very neat or clear. Then by a strike of luck, my thin nibbed pen arrived. So I started over and the final result was much better. 

These are the final sweet designs.

For the packaging I definitely wanted each sweet to be individually wrapped. I decided on quite a traditional method with a twist. Twisted cellophane is used a lot on sweets, however my spin was to have the twist at one end and have the sweet tied with string. I live the finish product as I feel it looks well made and fits in with my design style. 

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