Friday, 13 May 2011

Proposed Idea

I enjoy high end editorial design, from picking the contents, to laying it out, to writing about imagery. I really enjoy it all, so for my final project in the 2nd year I propose to design and make a range of high end design magazines. The magazines will sit along side all the other magazines so I have to create an eye catching and unique design so that it will stand out on the shelf. The magazine style will be very elegant with a cutting edge, up to date feel. These magazines will differ slightly from other magazines along side them because they will be a lot more robust, more of a book. It will be something that you want to keep after you have read it, but with the same lower price of magazines to keep the it accessible to many.

The magazine will be mainly pictorial with a spacious layout. Different types of paper will be used inside the magazine to give it a more widespread appeal. Tear off corners will make the book interactive so that people can mark pages they want to revisit without damaging the design and longevity of the magazine.

Because of the overall feel to the book it will make the customer browse slowly through it over a period of days or weeks etc. instead of simply flicking the pages. Each page will be different in approach to keep the reader engaged and keep with the interactivity of it all.

The magazine will be released quarterly, with design that has gone somewhat unnoticed (less well known designers); giving the designer a platform to display their work and project to the mass public.

If the magazine was actually to be released to the public the designers who would feature would need to be contacted for consent.

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