Friday, 15 October 2010

What's The Word?

I have to chose one word and one image to sum up the whole of my chosen subject. My subject is LOVE (a complicated and diverse subject itself), however I have chosen to focus more on SINGLEDOM and trying to turn a negative subject into a positive thing.

Words I could chose:


I think all of the above words sum up being single, however written on their own they could fit into many subject and categories. Therefore I have chosen the word SINGLE.

Now to chose an image to sum up my subject of LOVE. My word and image need to relate in some way, so I would like to chose an image that has a romantic quality, but also shows individuality.

Possible Images: 

Birds are quite feminine and free creatures.

Feminine image of strength and thought

Blue sky clearing 

My chosen image

I have chosen a very simple image, but I think it shows perfectly what I want to portray. The bird flying out of the cage symbolises freedom, new life, and overall a positive experience. 

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