Friday, 15 October 2010

Who? What? Where? Why?

After researching into the single life style I have chosen to promote it in some way.

Being single is often seen as a negative thing, however through research I have found many positive attributes. Most of these being individuality based.

I don't want to promote being single per say, more advise people in a light-hearted way on how to deal with negative situations which may arise being a 'singleton', for example:

  • Getting unwanted attention - flirting
  • Bad chat up lines
  • Bad blind dates
  • Loneliness.

I will be designing a range of products for women aged 20-25 to help combat problems that may arise with unwanted attention from men. I have chosen to direct my product towards women because... well for a start I don't think men would want a way to stop women talking to them... and men normally do the chasing so it would be more appropriate for women to use the product as it is a more common issue. I have chosen to target the 20-25 age group because I feel they would be most beneficial of this type of product. They are of an age where many people are trying to settle down and find their 'Mr. Right' so this product will help them filter out the bad eggs.

I plan for this product range will be very light hearted, yet somewhat effective if it were actually put into action. 

The design range may include items such as...
  • Information card pack with 'one liners' to reply to those cheesy chat up lines.
  • Excuses (possibly bad and unbelievable) to have to leave bad blind dates/awkward situations.
  • Cuddly toy - to make you unapproachable in public and to give you hugs at night when you are feeling lonely - possibly a cuddly toy in the shape of a man or an action man?
  • Comedy clothing - picturing hairy body parts, for example: 
                    T-shirt, knickers and leggings with hair printed onto, to simulate an un-groomed body. The idea stems from the fact that when you are single you may not keep yourself as groomed as you would be when you are in a relationship. Like all the other products they are quite light-hearted and for this clothing range it would probably be used as a pajama set to be worn in the comfort of your own home. 

                    T-shirt could also have a tick list of things on the back. The list would include things like... how many men they have turned away, how many weeks they have gone without shaving, how long they have been single for, tried and tested ways of repelling men (mentioning weddings, children, exes, being really giggly, embarrassing them in front of their mates etc.

                   Another idea for a t-shirt design could be to have an iron burn mark on the shirt to highlight how useless men are... the shirt could read... 'if you want a job doing, don't ask a man'

  •  Male-proof toilet seat. Men love to leave the toilet seat up, so if they can't do it in the first place then us women win! Apply some sort of clamp to the toilet seat so it cannot be lifted.
  • Greetings cards to congratulate someone on being single/divorced/cheated on. Putting a positive spin on an obvious negative thing. This comical card will aim help cheer up the subject by naming all the positive things about the situation:
                  Break up - 'At least now you don't have to cook diner for when he gets home'
                                      'You can finally paint the bedroom pink!'
                                      'Welcome back to being able to talk to males without being questioned'

                 Cheating other half - 'It's okay, I know who she is, she's ugly!'
                                                           'I've already set you up on a date'
                                                           'He still loves with his mother, come on!'

                 Divorce - 'At least you get the cat'
                                    'Now 'party poopers' not there, party at yours?!'
                                    'It's okay the kids are on your side'

                 They will be quite controversial yet an obvious joke.

I need to further each of these ideas to see how solid of an idea they all are.

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