Thursday, 27 January 2011

Type Lesson

This type task was to create a leaflet from a given body of text and logo images.

The leaflet had to speak to the audience quickly before they decide to throw it on the floor. The logos needed to be of equal size or dominance so that none of them seem favoured.

Body Text

Anti BNP Meeting Leeds

Anti BNP activists from around Yorkshire and Humberside are gathering this Saturday in Leeds.
Yorkshire Unite Against Fascism are having their annual conference and will be discussing amongst other things how to stop the racist and fascist BNP getting a Euro MP elected in June.

Saturday March 14th
Swarthmore Centre, near Park Lane College
Leeds 10am-1pm

Speakers include:
Linda McAvan MEP

Gloria Mills UNISON national officer & ex President TUC
Bill Adams Yorkshire & the Humber TUC regional secretary
Bev Miller Chair UNISON Black Members Committee
Abdul Gooljar Islamic Society of Britain
Paul Clays CWU regional secretary
Ian Stevenson NUT regional secretary
Fiona Edwards Women's Officer Sheffield University Student Union
Lee Billingham Love Music Hate Racism

This is an important meeting for people who want to ensure we don't wake up to a nightmare on June 5th with British and European Fascists taking seats in the EU Parliament.
If the BNP get a foothold on the EU it will give them a bigger platform to peddle their poisonous message and give them significant financial resources.

Racism in Europe

Europe is often one of the first places people think of when racism is discussed. From the institutionalized racism, especially in colonial times, when racial beliefs — even eugenics — were not considered something wrong, to recent times where the effects of neo-Nazism is still felt. Europe is a complex area with many cultures in a relatively small area of land that has seen many conflicts throughout history. (Many of these conflicts have had trade, resources and commercial rivalry at their core, but national identities have often added fuel to some of these conflicts.)

Racism has also been used to justify exploitation, even using “pseudo-science”:

“Debates over the origins of racism often suffer from a lack of clarity over the term. Many conflate recent forms of racism with earlier forms of ethnic and national conflict. In most cases ethno-national conflict seems to owe to conflict over land and strategic resources. In some cases ethnicity and nationalism were harnessed to wars between great religious empires (for example, the Muslim Turks and the Catholic Austro-Hungarians). As Benedict Anderson has suggested in Imagined Communities, ethnic identity and ethno-nationalism became a source of conflict within such empires with the rise of print-capitalism.

    In its modern form, racism evolved in tandem with European exploration and conquest of much of the rest of the world, and especially after Christopher Columbus reached the Americas. As new peoples were encountered, fought, and ultimately subdued, theories about “race” began to develop, and these helped many to justify the differences in position and treatment of people whom they categorized as belonging to different races (see Eric Wolf’s Europe and the People Without History).

    Another possible source of racism is the misunderstanding of Charles Darwin’s theories of evolution. Some took Darwin’s theories to imply that since some “races” were more civilized, there must be a biological basis for the difference. At the same time they appealed to biological theories of moral and intellectual traits to justify racial oppression. There is a great deal of controversy about race and intelligence, in part because the concepts of both race and IQ are themselves controversial”.


Finished Design

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