Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Content, Assets & Choices - Using Key Frames

The look I was trying to achieve for my 50 second title sequence was high fashion, elegance and cutting edge. Using neutral colours contrasting against black and white type. Here are my thoughts on my final decision making. 

I wanted to chose a relaxing, fresh and beautiful image for the opening screen. Choosing a beautiful landscape for me represents the high contrast in fashion and how you have to expect the unexpected. This is an untouched natural scene, where as fashion is very much man made. Combining nature with fashion in photo shoots is very popular however and helps to capture the elegance of the said fashion.

Telling the audience what the purpose of the title sequence is straight away I feel is important because of where it will sit online. The 50 second title sequence will feature on on the home page as a key focal point to an upcoming programme being made for the site.

The black ink helps to highlight the type, but is used predominantly later on in the title sequence for an animated background.
One of the main assets for the title sequence is the moving lines. They move  independently and smoothly creating masks helping the animation to progress from information to information.

Adding fades to the changing layers helps for a smooth transition.

Keeping type such as this within the title safe isn't very important to me; as it acts more like a background giving a subliminal message and not one that needs to necessarily be studied and legible to all. The typeface itself is very thin and wide reflecting styles of popular fashion magazines.

Using masks to make the text appear alongside the ever dominant 'moving line' helps give the impression of layers and depth. I didn't want the sequence to look like a pop-up book, instead more like a scrapbook of images and ideas.

Using the mirror image effect I feel highlights the qualities of the garment. and creates a beautiful background to contrast against the type.

Using white for the type colour keeps the style looking clean and fresh.

Using italics and different weight settings helps keep the same font looking more interesting throughout. I have chosen to use images of ink dropped in water for one of my backgrounds by placing the images simultaneously one after another to create the effect of movement. By showing the ink dropping into the water I wanted to represent the reaction that can be caused when two things are combined (trends combining to create new ones).

Using the mask I moved it arund creating new irregular shapes to highlight different sections of the garments. The images I used were all zoomed in. I didn't want the whole of the item to be shown. I wanted it to be like a sneek peek as to what the audience can expect to see in the programme. 
The lines exit and introduce new images and text. I think it is a more interesting and fluent way to move from bit to bit.

A lot of the image ad type flash up when they appear like they are flickering like a light trying to stay on. This helps to draw the audiences eye.

If people watching the video are first time visitors to the site flashing the website name and url will help to remind them and come back to visit again.

The background used here is a macro image of the air bubbles in a glass of water.  

Important information about the contents scrolls down while imagery shows another sneak peek of what you should expect to see on the show.

Different weights and colours help to emphasise key information.

At the end the title is flashed up again to remind the audience what the programme is called 

As the programme is to be viewed online there is no specific time slot for it, so a simple 'coming soon' is written to create  a suspence and prolonging interest in the site so that people will come back to see when it has been uploaded and therefore the brand will get more coverage.

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