Friday, 11 February 2011

Typography - Emotions Through Positioning Size And Tone

Using three rectangles represent three emotions.


Using a light tone makes the boxes look more approachable. Having the boxes small and in the middle makes them look less intimidating and neutral. They do look slightly like they are a 'gang' though and maybe a little intimidating.

Having the boxes low on the page makes them less intimidating than if they were up high. Making them all different tones makes them look less like a 'gang' and more varied.  


Black and big. But doesn't quite work.

Filling up the page. Doesn't really work. Looks more 'organised'.

Having two bold, big boxes and one small lighter box helps the emphasise the contrast in emotion.


Light and rotated to look like a diamond. It is small and low showing its vulnerability. 

Placing the boxes higher up makes them look less vulnerable and more powerful and precious.

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