Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Final Sequences - Top 10 Trends To Look For In 2011

My Final Sequences
My final sequences work together one after another. They would be released one after another to tell the story of the programme that is to come. (View them top to bottom)

The overall feel I wanted to create is that of high fashion with glimpses of what is to come in the programme. The colours I have stuck to are neutrals and soft pastels contrasting with harsh contrasts and black and white text. I feel this gives the sequence high impact and catches the eye. Lines and flashing images are most predominant  effects and movements. The lines help move text and images in and out of frame and the flashing images attract the eye. Snippets of information and images help keep the audience interested and wanting to know what it is all about. The frame is mostly static and the depth 2D throughout to give the feeling of a scrap book of images and ideas. 

I am very happy with my final animations and feel that they fit in well with the website fashionising.com and brief that I was set.

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